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Create a new Source and Action

Create new Sources in CMO, along with adding the Expiry date to create an action for the Source.


New sources can be created from within the Sources module assuming your role has the correct role permissions enabled (i.e., Administrator Role).

Step 1: Create a New Source

From the Sources module, select New from the top banner menu. Fill in the required fields and any additional detail.




Step 1: Add Expiry 

To add an Expiry to the Source, tick Set Expiry, then add in the expiry date. 

Create New Sources 02.png


Step 3: Add a Responsible Party

Add in Responsible person and click Save

Create New Sources 03.png


Find your new Source and Edit the Action:

Your new Source that you have created will appear see the Sources Expiry column with the date you have set. 

Create New Sources 04.png

To edit the Action

Please note you are able to change any of the fields in this Action and Save these changes.

  1. Click on the Name which will open up the Source scroll down to the bottom where you will Actions. You can see the Action that has been created from the Source earlier. Create New Sources 05.png
  2. Click on the Cogwheel, where the screen below will appear, click on Edit
    Create New Sources 06.png
  3. Scroll down to Due Date and you are able to change the date. Click Save

Create New Sources 07.png

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