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Actions in iOS Mobile

This page outlines the Action module's main functions in the CMO iOS application and details how to create new Actions, complete Actions, and how to add attachments to Actions.


The Actions module functions as a register for users to know what Actions they're responsible for at the site they're working at. The offline Actions register helps users manage existing actions as well as create new ones on-the-go. This section details how to create new Actions, how to add attachments to specific Actions, how to complete Actions, and how to create Action Reports on an iOS mobile device.

All Action fields seen in the web application are available to users on an iOS mobile device, including statuses and multi-action workflows. It is also important to note, the Role Permissions regarding Actions set in the web application will be mirrored on the mobile device. 

Syncing Actions:
When synced, CMO mobile pulls down Actions that the user has created, Actions that the user is responsible for, and any Actions associated to Events that the user is associated with. 

Managing Existing Actions:
This includes editing, assigning Actions (to yourself or others), changing activity priority, changing the due date, changing the progress, and adding/editing comments. All of these actions are available on mobile. 

Assigning Actions to other users on mobile:
Mobile devices do not communicate with each other. If a user is assigned to an Action, the Action will not be available on web or mobile until a sync is initiated. For example, if User A assigns an Action to User B, User A must perform a sync before User B will see the assigned Action. In order to see the assigned action, User B will need to perform a Sync to Mobile after User A syncs from Mobile to Web.


Processes Available in this Module

This section details the various processes that are available to users in the iOS Action Module.

Create New Action

Users can create ad hoc Actions for himself/herself or for other users. Assigning Actions to yourself is useful for setting up recurring Actions.

  1. Click the New button in the top right corner of the Actions screen.
  2. Fill in the required and necessary information.
  3. Add attachments by clicking the Attachments field.
  4. Assign a Responsible role by clicking the Responsible field. Click Save when finished. 

Adding Attachments to Existing Actions

  1. Log in and navigate to the Action register.
  2. Click the paperclip icon located between the Action name and the Due Date.
  3. Add an attachment. 
  4. Assign a Responsible Role by clicking the Responsible field. Click Save when finished. 

Completing Actions

From the Actions screen, users can "swipe" an individual Action to the left to complete it. 

  1. Log in and navigate to the Actions register. 
  2. Swipe the Action left and click the gear icon to to activate the Action menu. 
  3. Click Complete
    A small checkmark should appear to the right of the Action after you complete it. 
  4. Add any additional information to the Close Application pop-up screen, then click Save.

Creating Action Reports

This report includes details for all Actions stored on the mobile device.

Click the Report button in the top menu bar to view the Action Report.

The report will generate and can be shared once an internet/network connection is reestablished. 

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