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How to retrieve CMO Winapp files


After completing this how-to you will be able to successfully gather the files for the CMO Windows Application. 

Navigate the CMO Winapp file directory

  • Begin by navigating to your Windows (C:) Drive
    • Select the Users Folder. 
    • Select the folder with the name of your Windows User
    • Select the View Tab and ensure the checkbox for 'Hidden Items' is checked.
    • Select the 'AppData' Folder.
    • Select the 'Roaming' Folder.
    • Select the 'CMO Windows App' Folder.

Extract the CMO Winapp files

  • Begin by highlighting all the files shown in this directory. The folders 'Database, Logs and Upload should be present, along with a Settings.cfg file.How to retrieve CMO Winapp files 1.png
  • Right-click on the highlighted files and select 'Copy'.
  • Navigate to your Desktop and create a folder with an appropriate name for the Winapp files to be pasted into (should include the name of the user and current date).
  • Paste the Winapp files into this folder.
  • Use the new folder to create a .zip file to attach to the Salesforce Case.
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