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CMO R30 Release Notes

This document details the resolved issues that are included in the CMO R30 Web Maintenance and Mobile Maintenance Projects.



Welcome to the CMO Compliance R30 Release Notes.

This document details the client-reported issues that are included in the CMO Web Application R30 maintenance release. The following Release Notes cover resolved issues in the Web Application, as well as the mobile Andriod, iOS, and Windows apps that affect users on Update 25 and Version 16.0. The individual tickets will detail the applicable versions.

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Resolved Issues     

This section describes the issues that are resolved in the CMO Compliance R30 maintenance release. Each resolved issue is documented in the format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable
  • Affected Version


sprint 60 and 61

Web Application 

Issue: Factors and Actions were not removed from an Event after Factors was unselected. 
Tracking code: CW-14686
Support Case: 2018-1204-493490

Issue: During Excel user import, the current Supervisor data is stripped and the new Supervisor values failed to upload and populate. 
Tracking code: CW-20276, CW-21414
Support Case: 2019-0517-527975

Issue: The time stamp lagged 1 hour behind when user printed an Event Detailed Report. 
Tracking code: CW-20537
Support Case: 2019-0603-530891

Issue: Application hangs when a specific user performs a search within the Event module and data is not returned after the search. Additionally, application hangs and an error is thrown when user tries to access the environment. 
Tracking code: CW-20688
Support Case: 2019-0611-532911

Issue: The Action register did not show the correct Obligation in the respective Obligation column. Instead, the field was blank.
Tracking code: CW-18636
Support Case: 2019-0327-517075

Issue: The email that is configured to send out after a report was closed contained incorrect information.
Tracking code: CW-20045
Support Case: 2019-0423-522689

Issue: An upgrade needed to take place over a long weekend due to the amount of time needed for the upgrade.
Tracking code: CW-21105
Support Case: 2019-0703-538022

Issue: Unable to upload Excel sheet that used custom fields for multi-select drop-down. 
Tracking code: CW-21150
Support Case: 2019-0314-513874

Issue: Action compliance state did not control the Obligation compliance in a logical manner. The happened due
Tracking code: CW-21773
Support Case: 2019-0731-543503

Issue: Re-opened and Overdue Actions did not affect Applicability Compliance or Obligation Compliance. 
Tracking code: CW-21801
Support Case: 2019-0802-543881

Issue: A migration from v15.02.25 to 16.0 kept failing. 
Tracking code: CW-21843
Support Case: 2019-0805-544329


iOS Moblie App

Issue: Permission error occurred when user created a new form, even though user had the correct permissions.
Tracking code: CMM-19678
Support Case: 2019-0529-530150

Issue: The Back-up and Restore functionality worked intermittently. When the back-up and restore was completed, the forms (and data) were not synced from iOS to web and user had to re-create the forms. 
Tracking code: CMM-19756
Support Case: 2019-0529-530154


Android Mobile App

Issue: Involvement Types selected in the web application were not reflected on the Android app.
Tracking code: CMM-17935
Support Case: 2019-0416-521233

Issue: The app logs a user in as the previous user, even if the previous user had properly logged out.
Tracking code: CMM-20804
Support Case: 2019-0715-539812

Issue: App hangs during general navigation and would occasionally crash. User received App is not responding and had to click "wait" several times before the app would respond. 
Tracking code: CMM-20805
Support Case: 2019-0715-539814

Issue: App hangs and delayed when user moved between general screens. 
Tracking code: CMM-20808
Support Case: 2019-0715-539833

Issue: Screen blacked out and took 2+ minutes to load when user entered a new Action.
Tracking code: CMM-20893
Support Case: 2019-0717-540449

Issue: The text within Action drop-down menus delayed in appearance, even after the Action screen was fully loaded. 
Tracking code: CMM-20983
Support Case: 2019-0719-541053

Issue: Duplicate Incident forms appeared on the Android app.
Tracking code: CMM-21355
Support Case: 2019-0828-550030


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