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CMO R18 Release Notes

This document details the resolved issues that are included in the CMO Web Maintenance and Mobile Maintenance Projects.



Welcome to the CMO Compliance R18 Release Notes.

This document details the client-reported issues that are included in the CMO Web Application R18 maintenance release. The following Release Notes cover resolved issues in the Web Application, as well as the mobile Andriod, iOS, and Windows apps that affect versions Update 25 and Version 16.0. The individual tickets will detail the applicable versions.

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Resolved Issues    

This section describes the issues that are resolved in the CMO Compliance R18 maintenance release. Each resolved issue is documented in the format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable
  • Affected Version


Web Application

Issue: The Events Data Report pulled incorrect data into the report and inconsistently reported on correct information. For example, every other day the report was correct and the next consecutive day the report was incorrect.
Tracking code: CW-8537
Support Case: 2018-0131-429031
Affects Version(s): Update 25, 16.02.R2, 16.02.R18

Issue: Error message thrown when user was inactive for 45 minutes then tried to switch to a new environment.
Tracking code: CW-11233
Support Case: 2018-0723-465732
Affects Version(s): Update 25, 16.0

Issue: Pages were slow to load when user tried to edit Assignments, User Group assignments, and general User Groups pages in the Admin module.
Tracking code: CW-11321
Support Case: 2018-0423-446491
Affects Version(s): Update 25, 16.02.R18

Issue: While using the Import Obligations feature, only the user importing the obligation was assigned to it. This happened even when there were other users assigned to the same obligation. 
Tracking code: CW-11460
Support Case: 2018-0726-466879
Affects Version(s): 16.0

Issue: The hyperlink within References took users to Documents rather than allowing them to view the attachment in the link.
Tracking code: CW-11263
Support Case: 2018-0723-465803
Affects Version(s): HF-6

Issue: Migrating from version 15.02 to version 16.0 took over 80 hours.
Tracking code: CW-11683
Support Case: 2018-0820-471548
Affects Version(s): 16.0

Issue: Users were unable to view References from the Event Report link.
Tracking code: CW-11793
Support Case: 2018-0723-465803
Affects Version(s): HF-6


Mobile Windows App

Issue: Users could view actions they were not assigned to.
Tracking code: CMM-11988
Support Case: 2018-0601-455205
Affects Version(s): Update 25, 16.02.R18

Issue: User was unable to log into WinApp with their (correct) credentials. 
Tracking code: CMM-10927, CMM-12911
Support Case: 2018-0614-458168
Affects Version(s): Update 25, 16.02.R18


Mobile iOS App

Issue: 1 hour was incorrectly added to the custom Date and Time field. This occurred when a finding was added to an Event then the Event was synced back to the Web.
Tracking code: CMM-109769
Support Case: 2018-0619-458784
Affects Version(s): Update 25, 16.02.R18


Mobile Android App

Issue: Sync error occurs when a link is added to an Event then is synced.
Tracking code: CMM-11888
Support Case: 2018-0704-462281
Affects Version(s): Update 25, 16.0, 16.02.R18



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