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CMO 15.02 Update 25 R9

This page details the feature enhancements and resolved issues that are included in the CMO Web Maintenance and Mobile Maintenance Projects, version 15.02 Update 25 R9.


The following Release Notes cover issues in the Web Application, iOS Application, and Windows Application.

Resolved Issues

This section describes the issues that are resolved in the CMO Web Maintenance project. Each resolved issue is documented in the format displayed below.

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable 

Web Application

Issue: The User module was taking upwards of 4 minutes to load. 
Tracking code: CW-4577
Support Case: 2017-0711-384356

Issue: Workflow Actions associated to Incidents did not have a Responsible assigned to them.
Tracking code: CW-5112
Support Case: 2017-0401-354100

Issue: The CMO system was experiencing slowness and unresponsiveness.
Tracking code: CW-5951
Support Case: 2017-1003-402559

Issue: Region 1 and Region 2 fields were missing from the Action Report after upgrading to a newer version of CMO.
Tracking code: CW-6210
Support Case: 2017-1030-409090

Issue: Error message thrown when the Event history was viewed after the Workflow was reversed back to a step with deleted users.
Tracking code: CW-6489
Support Case: 2017-1023-407690

Issue: The Detailed Obligations Report title did not appear in the report header. 
Tracking code: CW-6491
Support Case: 2017-1025-408065

Issue: An internal server error was thrown when a user tried to delete a Form from the Admin module.
Tracking code: CW-6492
Support Case: 2017-1102-410092

Issue: Error message thrown upon clicking the Complete Form/Workflow button, the Event Status did not update properly, and workflow Actions were left Pending.
Tracking code: CW-6439
Support Case: 2017-1110-412469

Issue: Server error thrown after a draft of an audit template was created. 
Tracking code: CW-6963
Support Case: 2017-1109-411980

Issue: The Actions section of the Event Detailed Report incorrectly displayed the reporter in lieu of the user who completed the Action. 
Tracking code: CW-6975
Support Case: 2017-0401-354003

Issue: Certain cells were truncated and color-coded cells were distorted in the Excel version of the Action Report (with additional info).
Tracking code: CW-6718
Support Case: 2017-1117-414420

Issue: Verified Action were not included in the Completion Rate widget's formula calculations. 
Tracking code: CW-4616
Support Case: 2017-0810-390919

Issue: The Date Reported to HSE field displayed the date as MM/DD/YYYY rather than DD/MM/YYYY.
Tracking code: CW-7023
Support Case: 2017-0705-383558

Issue: After the Complete Form/Workflow button was clicked, Workflow Actions remained in Pending status. Additionally, multiple duplicate Actions were created if the Pending Actions were manually closed out.
Tracking code: CW-6370
Support Case: 2017-1030-409395

Issue: The PHAIR - Group By Entity widget had the following issues: The calculated results displayed as zero, the Entity hyperlinks showed the incorrect Entity, and Entity data was not being filtered correctly.
Tracking code: CW-6999
Support Case: 2017-0913-398072

Issue: Dashboards displayed incorrectly when in a Norwegian environment. 
Tracking code: CW-7011
Support Case: 2017-0831-395324

Mobile iOS Application

Issue: The Action Description text was overwriting the Add Attachment icon.
Tracking code: CMM-5932
Support Case: 2017-0620-379952

Issue: Any document with an Approved status automatically synced to a user's mobile device, but would not open once the document link was clicked. 
Tracking code: CMM-2631
Support Case: 2017-0728-388328

Issue: All custom field values on Findings were lost when synced from mobile to web.
Tracking code: CMM-5634
Support Case: 2017-1102-410114

Issue: The mobile device took over 4 minutes to load a new Form when the Form was created after a sync was performed. 
Tracking code: CMM-5740
Support Case: 2017-1103-410444

Issue: When creating a new Event, the Email To field was not populated with a list of users. 
Tracking code: CMM-5821
Support Case: 2017-1105-410843

Issue: The Risk Matrix displayed incorrectly on iOS.
Tracking code: CMM-6009
Support Case: 2017-0904-395800

Issue: The Upload Tool did not upload Event, Finding, or Action data to the server. 
Tracking code: CMM-5661
Support Case: 2017-1108-411621

Issue: Default Findings were not raised on iOS after using the Information button to set all form responses to Not Applicable. 
Tracking code: CMM-6021
Support Case: 2017-0913-398158

Issue: Event attachments were not syncing over from iOS to web.
Tracking code: CMM-1148
Support Case: 2017-0401-354397

Issue: No File to Preview error message appeared when user clicked on a document within a Form on iOS.
Tracking code: CMM-6033
Support Case: 2017-0401-354575

Issue: An extra space was added before a user's name after a Form was synced from iOS to web.
Tracking code: CMM-6045
Support Case: 2017-0401-353638

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