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Syncing from Mobile to Web

This section details how to sync from the mobile iOS device to the web application.
  1. Log in to the CMO app on your iOS device. 
  2. Navigate to the Events list and find the Event you want to sync to the web. 
  3. Click the sync icon (circular double arrows). The icon will turn green when the Event is ready to sync.
    • Events do not need to be complete to sync to the web.
  4. Navigate to the Sync screen, located in the More tab in the bottom menu.
  5. Click the Sync Events/Actions button. 
    • The sync may take a few minutes depending on the size of the Event. 




After the sync is complete the Event will not appear on the iOS device. There are a couple of ways for users to confirm their event has successfully synced to the web.

  • The number of Events shown on the Sync screen will show a lower number or disappear (this number signifies the number of Events a user has queued to sync.
  • Users can navigate to the web application and use the Sync Status column on the Event register. If the status reads On Server then the Event is fully synced to the web.
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