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How to Setup the Due Date for a Training using 'From Previous Training' feature

This Article helps the user in setting up the Due Date of a Training according to the 'From Previous Training' feature.

Goal - To assist user in updating the Due Date of a new Training based on the 'From Previous Training' feature.


As a prerequisite to achieve this goal, we should have an existing Training in the system which will be selected as a Previous Training.

In this method, the Due Date is calculated using the From Date of the 'Previous Training' selected for a given Training.  Please refer to the following steps:


  • Go to Training Module 
  • Click the 'Add Training' button under Training module.


  •  Enter the number in the Due Date field which will represent the number used to calculate the Due date of the Training Record. Click on the 'From Previous Training' option and Select a Training from the dropdown list. Click Save. (In the example we are creating a Training 2 and selected Training 1 as the Previous Training)

  • Go to the 'Job Competence' under Training module.

  • For the new Training created, click on the small box in front of the Job Title for which this training is required. (Selection made for the Job Title - HSE Manager in the example for Training 2)

  • Go to the 'Training and Compliance Dashboard'. We will see that the Training Recordcis created for the users with the associated Job Title (HSE Manager). On highlighting, we can see that there is no Due Date set for the Training Record.

  • Now we create a Training record for a user for the Previous Training that was selected. (In the example we are adding a record for 'Training 1' which is set up as the Previous Training for 'Training 2'.)

  • We can see that the 'From Date' is setup in the Add Training Record window. Click Save in the 'Add Training Record' window.

  • Once done, Go to 'Training and Compliance Dashboard'.

We can see that the Due Date is calculated for the Training using the From Date of the Previous Training.

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Reference Guide:

How to Setup the Due Date for a Training using 'From Creation' feature




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