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How to create an Online Document

How to create an Online Document

After completing this how-to you will be able to create Online Documents on your system.

Navigate to the Documents Module.

  • Begin by navigating to the Documents Module.
  • Select the 'New' button as shown below.

CMO-How to create an Online Document-1.png

Fill in the new Document Details

  • Then continue by filling in the details for the new Document.
  • Ensure the 'Online' Checkbox is selected to create an Online Document.
  • Select which Org Units/Entity Types/Entities you wish to be able to access this Document.
  • Assign any Tags relevant to the Document.
  • If you wish to make the Document immediately available ensure the Status of the Document is set to 'Approved', and provide a date for the Approval Date field.
    Alternatively, you can set the Status to 'Draft' or 'Inactive' if you plan to make changes before making the Document available.
  • Select 'Save' once you have filled in all the necessary fields.

CMO - How to create an Online Document - Image 2.jpg

  • To make changes to the Online Document you have just created you will need to select 'View' from the Document's cogwheel menu and proceed to add sections.

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