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How to configure 'Calculated Field' Response Type

How to configure 'Calculated Field' Response Type

After completing this how-to you will be able to create and configure responses within a Form using the 'Text - Single Line' Response Type.

Edit the draft of the Form

  • Begin by navigating to the Admin module and selecting the Forms tab (environment specific terminology).
  • Find the draft you wish to edit and navigate to the section where you wish to create the response.
  • Select the question you wish to add the response to.

Create the Response

  • Select the 'Add' button displayed.

How to configure 'Calculated Field' Response Type - image 1.jpg

  • Select 'Calculated Field' for the Response Type field.
  • Fill in the Expression field for the calculation you would like to include. Any operands are allowed in this field, you can use these additional parameters:
    • ResponseValue('Response Text') - to get the value of a response.
    • CurrencyRate('XXX') - to get the currency rate by currency name
    • An example would be: ResponseValue('Amount') * 10.
      Which would get the value of the response named "Amount" and multiply it by 10.
  • Select the 'Validate' button to ensure your Expression is valid.

How to configure 'Calculated Field' Response Type - image 2.jpg

  • Fill in the rest of the fields with the relevant information required for the question.
  • Select Save.