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Configuring Action Emails Based On Action Category

More often than not, a "one size fits all" solution within CMO is insufficient, given the ever expanding complexity of your business's compliance needs. This is even more true for the plethora of Action Categories you may be managing. To assist in this endeavor, configuring a series of scheduled Action Reminders that send based on the Action Category value allows for a more nuanced email notification system than using the general Action Reminder for all Actions in an environment. 

Please note: only Administrators will be able to make these updates in CMO. For more information on adding these Action Categories initially, please see our guide here.

Exploring These Settings

If you wish for the user(s) to receive e-mail(s) before an Action is due you can use this article to assist you in setting this up. 

  • Login to CMO
  • Go to Admin tab 
  • Next on the left hand side select Forms
  • Next select Action Categories

How to add Action reminders by category 01.png

A Pop-up appears, Click the paper and pen icon 

How to add Action reminders by category 02.png

As an example, if  you click on the icon corresponding to "High", Action Category High pop-up appears 

How to add Action reminders by category 03.png

Here is an example of the information you can fill out 
  • If you wish for the user to receive emails fill out the following

1. First Advance Reminder (days)

2. Second Advance Reminder (days)

3. User Role - by default they are all ticked

Lastly click 'OK'

How to add Action reminders by category 04.png

Would you like the reminder for the user to appear on their Dashboard?  If yes, 
  • Tick Dashboard as shown below

How to add Action reminders by category 06.png

Action categories updated 
  • You can now see that the changes that we have made now appear.

How to add Action reminders by category 07.png