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Business Rule Settings - Documents

This reference article documents all Document settings for CMO Business Rules. Document Settings are used to configure options for customizing Document features.

Each of these settings can be found by following this path in CMO:

  1. Log in as an Admin.
  2. From the home screen, click Admin.
  3. Click Business Rules from the side bar menu. 
  4. Click your company name.
  5. Navigate to the Documents section of settings.

The table below describes setting options for the Document section on the Business Rules page.


Setting Functionality
Disable End Users View Only Option

When checked, end users will not be allowed to view documents.

Note: CMO advises clients not to enable this feature unless the View Only users are not needed for clients.

Associate New Documents to Next Event

When checked, any document uploaded (or imported) for an Entity will automatically be associated with the next Event scheduled for an Auditee.

Note: Documents will only be Associated to an Event once. Only Documents uploaded or imported since the last Event will be automatically associated to the next Event.

Compare Version Functionality (Requires MS Word on Server)

When checked, this allows Microsoft Word's track changes to appear in the Documents Panel > History Tab. It will also result in a tracked changes version of the Document to be emailed to users when a new version is uploaded into CMO.

Note: For this functionality to work, MS Word must be installed on the server running CMO Compliance. This feature is not available for any clients at this time.

Import Documents from Events, Actions, Findings & Controls

When checked, Documents attached to Events, Actions, Findings, and Controls will be made available from the Documents Module.

Note: This will move all attachments from Events, Actions, Findings, and Controls to the Document module.

Do Not Show Entity-Specific Documents in Documents Module When checked, Entity-specific documents (associated to Entities directly through the document tab of an Entity) will not show in the Document Module. This makes them available only when viewing the document tab of the Entity.
Expired Documents: Show OK Button on Workflow Dashboard When checked, an OK button appears next to documents that have an Expiration Date associated. These documents will require an OK button on the Workflow Dashboard. This allows users to dismiss the document expiry until their next login, rather than being forced to address the expiration.
Open Document History into New Page When checked, a new page for the Document History will open in a new page. This is part of the Document Management area of the Edit Document tab.
Disable Detailed Certification Text for Document Attestation When checked, the detailed certification text for document attestation will be removed.
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