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Business Fields - General

Business Rule Fields for General items in CMO.

Each of these settings can be found by following this path in CMO:

  1. Log in as an Admin.
  2. From the home screen, click Admin.
  3. Click Business Rules from the side bar menu. 
  4. Click your company name.
    • You will automatically land on the Business Rules Settings page. 
  5. From here, click the Fields tab in the top left corner of the page.
  6. Navigate to the General section of the page.

The table below describes setting options for the General section on the Business Rules - Fields page. 

Note: Any changes made in the General section will appear in the Schedule, Action Register, Form Summary, and Detailed Form Report screens.


Setting Functionality
Org Unit

When checked, the Org Unit displays on the respective screens.

Note: Disabling would remove the ability to view the Org Unit. Disabling this feature is unadvised for clients.


When checked, the Title displays on the respective screens. Disabling this feature will remove the Event Title from displaying to the end user.

Note: Disabling this feature is not advised if clients would like to user Titles for Events/Forms.

Title Mandatory

When checked, users are required to create a title before they can schedule or create a new Event.

Note: If enabled, pre-existing Event Records will require the user to enter a title prior to making any edits.

Auto-create Event title

When checked, the Event Title will pre-populate with "Form Name dd/mm/yy" when creating a new Event. Users will have the ability to edit the auto-created title. The name of the Event is dependent upon which form is selected in the Form field. For example, when creating a new Event, the Monthly Crane Inspection form is selected. After this form is selected, the Title field will populate with Monthly Crane Inspection 02Feb2017.

Note: If clients want the CMO application to create the Event Title and not allow users to edit the  name, the "Title" setting from both Business Rules Setting and Business Rules Fields should be disabled.


When checked, this enables the Score field to show for Events, Entities, and Org Units within their respective registers.

Note: This option is only available if the client uses the Score option.

Next Event When checked, this allows for the Next Event button to show. This button allows users to move from one Event to the next, scheduled for the same Org Unit and Entity as the event they are performing.
Score Grade When checked, the score grade for the event will display in the Event register and the user will be allowed to determine the minimum score threshold. Certain scores will trigger a color in the traffic lights.
Show Entity Types Column on Event List When checked, clients can display the Entity Type of an Event Register. Additionally, when this button is checked, the Choose an Entity Type option will appear in the cog wheel for column choices. See the Entity Page for more details.
Entity Country (only on Event List) When checked, the Location Country will display as a selectable column for the Event register if a country has been designated for an Entity the Event is being performed on.
Automatically Select Workflow only when Event template assigned with 'Auto-Initiate' option. When checked, this option will launch the workflow for an event when the Auto-Initiate option is selected. Auto-Initiate option is located next to the Form Template in the workflow configuration area. Note: If this option is not checked, then Event Templates using workflow will be required to be initiated using ICSW (Initiate / Complete Workflow Step), or by using any other auto-initiate criteria (such as Type and Category).
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