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Business Fields - Forms

Business Rule fields for CMO Forms.

The following table details the Forms fields as well as their functionality and impact on users. 

Each of these settings can be found by following this path in CMO:

  1. Log in as an Admin.
  2. From the home screen, click Admin.
  3. Click Business Rules from the side bar menu. 
  4. Click your company name.
  5. You will automatically land on the Business Rules Settings page. 
  6. From here, click the Fields tab in the top left corner of the page.
  7. Navigate to the Forms section of the page. 

The table below describes setting options for the Forms section on the Business Rules - Fields page. 

Note: Event and Form can be used interchangeably. However, CMO recognizes a template as a Form, and an Event is the specific object created from the template. 

Field Description
Show Leeway? This allows a leeway to be defined for scheduling so that the event will not become overdue until the due date + the leeway are passed. This provides additional days past the normal due date of an Event to allow reporters additional time to complete the Event.
Show Email Recipients? If checked, the creator/scheduler of an Event can input email recipients upon creation or completion of an Event.
Show Executive Summary / Recommendations When checked, the Executive Summary / Recommendations fields appear on Events. These are accessed in the Edit Event screen, as well as in the comment area of a question within an Event. 
Allow Multiple Reporters per Form When checked, more than 1 reporter can be assigned to an Event.
Allow Reporter to change Score at end of Forms When checked, a pop-up message will display at the end of the Form which allows Reporters to adjust the score. 
Show Event Date When checked, the Event Date will display on the Event register. 
Only Schedule 1 Form for All Reporters

When checked, all Forms will use a single copy of an Event rather than scheduling multiple Events. 

Note: This should not be disabled if the user's CMO environment has Events that have been scheduled using this functionality.

Allow Copy Previous Functionality When checked, Events will have a Copy from Previous feature. This allows users to copy responses from a previous event into a new Event.
Prompt Reporter if Multiple Events are scheduled for the same day When checked, a warning will display if more than one Event has been scheduled for that user in the same day. This keeps the same user from having multiple audits in one day
Allow Parent Category on Event Form When checked, the Parent Category will display on an Event Form.
Show Enable for Last Form Report When checked, this allows users to select a Form Template, Org Unit, and Event in the Last Event Report. The report generates information on the last Event completed using the selected template, at the selected Org Unit/Entity.
Show Title, Doc, Type & Doc Folder when adding attachment in Form

When checked, a user can enter/edit the Document Title, Document Type, and Document Folder when adding an attachment to a Form. Additionally, when checked, the Select Document Fields button will appear. 

The Select Document Fields button allows the user to configure exactly which fields will appear on the Form attachment.

Select Document Fields
Filter by Event Date, not Due Date filter When checked, the Event register will order the Event Date column by the date that Events were created rather than by Event due date.
Event Register status filter displays status based on Form(s) selected If checked, Form templates can be assigned a number of statuses, and do not contain all statuses available in the environment. This assists in narrowing available statuses down in the Event register. 
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