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Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager Utility

The Workflow Manager Utility shows clients how the Invoice Review Hierarchy is currently set up and who can review and approve Timekeepers.   

  • Select the UTILITIES link at the top of the page
  • Click on the Sub-Navigation menu option Workflow Manager
  • Click the link under Invoice Review Group to preview the current hierarchy
  • Click the link under TK Rate Approval Group to preview the current TK Approvers


  • Click the Edit button on the Users tab of the Invoice Review Group Profile if you need to modify the current Review Hierarchy
  • Similarly, sites can be set up to have a Default Rate Approval Group or additional Groups based on Practice Area, Firm State and/or Firm
  • Click the Edit button on the Users tab of the Rate Approval Group Profile if you'd like to add or remove assigned Timekeeper Approvers
  • Hold Ctrl and click on or off the Users's Name to add/remove
  • Click Save to capture your changes

How to Create a Firm Review Hierarchy

To create a new Firm-Specific Invoice Review Workflow, you'll actually want to navigate to a claim with that firm currently assigned.  

  • Select CLAIMS
  • Click on the Sub-Navigation menu option Search Claims
  • Click the Assigned Firm>Search
  • Click on a Claim Name
  • Click on the Claim Settings tab>Claim Workflows
  • Click the Create Firm Review Hierarchy link on the far right


  • The system will direct you to the Utilities>Workflow Manager
  • Click the Users tab and then Edit to change the system Invoice Review Default


  • You will have an option to change the Role or Add individual Users to the new Workflow specific to the firm selected



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