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Data Transfer Manager

Data Transfer Manager Utility

The Data Transfer Manager Utility allows clients to view the results of data transfers, verify errors and review files sent/received between your system of record and Acuity.      

  • Select the UTILITIES link at the top of the page
  • Click on the Sub-Navigation menu option Data Transfer Manager
  • Refine Search options by Action, Date, Errors Only or Run Key
  • Click on the Action link to view more detail


  • The Details tab provides a summary of transfer results

  • The summary info is also provided in the Data Transfer: Claim Data Complete notification


  • Click the here link within the notification to be taken directly to the Extended Details tab of the Xfer Run Profile (sample below):


Extended Details
  • The Extended Details tab provides specific message results with an option to refine on Level (i.e. Error)
  • This is a great resource for troubleshooting failures


Note: If a claim is missing in the Acuity system and is not listed in the Error logs, check to File Archive to confirm the claim sent successfully

File Archive
  • The File Archive tab saves a copy of the data file received from your system of record
  • Click the download button to the left of the file to initiate the action
  • Select the copy ending in .txt not .json
  • If an expected claim does not appear in your claim file, follow up with your system of record for troubleshooting assistance


Note: Acuity purges files after 150 days

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