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Calendar Event Types

Calendar Event Types Utility

The Calendar Event Types Utility categorize dates entered in Acuity.  Acuity provides standard defaults.  Additional Calendar Event Types can be added, and/or existing Types can be edited to fit your company’s needs.     

  • Select the UTILITIES link at the top of the page
  • Click on the Sub-Navigation menu option Calendar Event Types
  • Click the Add Calendar Event Type button button
  • Add the new Calendar Event Type and click Save


  • Click the pencil icon to Edit an existing Calendar Event Type
  • Click in the Active check box within the pop-up window to Inactivate a Type
  • Click in the Key Date check box within the pop-up to ensure the Type displays in the Key Dates section on the Matter Details tab
  • For more information on Key Dates, see Collaboration - Key Dates
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