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  • Access to the Site is only provided to law firm and client users specifically authorized by an Acuity Management Client
  • Acuity Management’s system electronically issues individual User IDs and Passwords to each authorized user
  • This unique User ID and Password combination allows the user to access the site and to the specific network for the participating client.
  • Each user will receive an email indicating his/her personally assigned unique password.
  • The user shall maintain such password as confidential, except in the event that Acuity Management support staff may need the password to troubleshoot any issues identified by an individual user.
  • Otherwise, user expressly agrees that each user in the subscribing firm or client organization who needs access to the Site requires his or her own license and password.
  • Sharing one password among multiple individuals is a violation of the license agreement.
Password Requirements
  • Must be at least 12 characters long
  • Must contain at least 3 of the following 4:

Uppercase character

Lowercase character


Special character

  • Cannot contain white space characters (i.e. tab, space, return)
  • Cannot contain your user id, full name, or company name
  • Cannot be based on a common password
  • Cannot be based on a dictionary word, spelled either forward or backward

To create a new user, User Request (Creating a User ID).

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