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Reassigning an Invoice

Reassigning an invoice to another reviewer

Generally, an invoice can be reassigned from one reviewer to another by a Super Admin user or by the current reviewer listed on the invoice. If you are not the current reviewer or a super admin user for your site, please reach out to one of them for assistance.

If you have the appropriate role to make the reassignment, you can do so by selecting the “Edit” button at the top of the invoice profile. In the drop down menu beside the Reviewer field, select the new reviewer and then select “Save”.

Reviewer is not listed on drop down

If the new reviewer is not listed on the drop down menu, they may not be set up as an invoice reviewer in Acuity. Select “Utilities”, “User Manager” and do a search for the user’s last name. The user will need to both appear on the list and have an ‘Invoice Reviewer’ role assigned in order to be selected as the new reviewer. 

If the user needs to be added or have permissions updated, a Super Admin user can submit a ticket to the Acuity Support team for assistance.

New reviewer does not have the option to view/approve the invoice

If the invoice has been reassigned but the new reviewer gets an error when trying to view the invoice, or does not see the “Change Status” option on the invoice, they may not have invoice reviewer permissions for the practice area in question. You can check the reviewer’s permissions under “Utilities”, “User Manager” to confirm, or reach out to Acuity Support for assistance. If the reviewer’s permissions need to include an additional practice area, a Super Admin user will need to confirm the change before Acuity Support can apply the updates to their permissions.


If an invoice is following a firm-specific, matter-specific, or practice area-specific workflow but is manually reassigned to a different reviewer, the invoice will follow the default review workflow from that point onward. This typically means that when the new reviewer approves the invoice, if they are not able to act as final approver, the invoice will be routed to that user’s Supervisor.

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