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Expired Invoice

What Does "Expired" Mean?

After making changes to an invoice or leaving an invoice in Acuity while waiting for critical exceptions to be resolved, you may see a message on the invoice search screen or invoice profile that says "Expired". This expired status is referring to the Exceptions, not the invoice itself. This is letting you know that changes have occurred in Acuity since the last time the invoice was audited against Acuity's billing rules, and that the previous exceptions count may no longer be accurate.

The "Expired" message does not mean the invoice needs to be deleted and resubmitted.

How to Resolve

To remove the "Expired" message from the exceptions count, select the "Re Audit Exceptions" button at the top of the Invoice Profile. This will refresh the invoice and update the exception count.


After re auditing the invoice, you should no longer see the "Expired" message.

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