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How to Request New Firm/Vendor

All new E-Billing Firm/Vendor request should come from the attention of a Clients designated Super Admin/Administrator user.  Firm users cannot request to be set up for a  Client site.  Reach out to your client contact to request access.  

Steps to Request a New Firm/Vendor

  • Open a Support Ticket.  For steps to open a ticket, see How to Open an Acuity Support Ticket
  •  Attach the New Firm/Vendor Request Form, provided here:New Firm Vendor Request Form.docx
  • If Acuity is not your system of record, please make sure to provide the firm mapping code in your request.  For more written instruction on Firm Mappings, see Data Mapping Manager
  • Attach a W-9 
  • If you require Practice Area Specific Rates, please note the Practice Areas which should be associated with the Firm.  
  • Example Ticket below:


  • Acuity Support will set up the firm in our Admin system
  • We will close out the ticket once we have reached out to the provided billing coordinator
  • Once we receive the Subscription Form back from the firm, we will provide log in credentials

Note: Before the firm can submit its first invoice, the firm will need to submit its timekeepers for approval AND the appropriate Client user will need to approve/modify/reject the submitted timekeepers.  

Acuity does not Approve timekeepers

Acuity Tip:

Prior to requesting a new firm, perform a quick Firm/Vendor Search within the site to confirm they do not already exist.  

  • Select the FIRM/VENDORS link at the top of the page
  • Click on the Sub-Navigation menu option Search Firms
  • Click Search to receive an open search or type in the name
  • Click Download to view in excel



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