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What is an Inquiry? 

Sometimes Invoice Reviewers need to ask the firm a question about a time entry. Acuity’s Inquiry feature allows them to do that, and to record the firm’s reply on the invoice at the same time.  

Locating an Inquiry 

  1. Acuity automatically sends an Inquiry notification to the Billing Administrator who uploaded the invoice. The Reviewer also has the option to cc timekeeper(s) on the notification. 

  1. The email notification provides a link to the invoice in question: 


  1. The Home Page also provides a quick link for resolving inquiries: 

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  1. Once in the invoice, notice the Inquiry tab is now highlighted and the Invoice Status is “Pending”. 

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Resolving an Inquiry 

  1. You have permission to edit the line item(s) on the inquiry page. You may not edit any other part of the invoice. 

  1. On the Inquiry tab, click the  pencil icon or the Edit All button to make any needed edits and to provide a response to one or multiple line items: 

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  1. Click the  diskette icon or the Save button to save your response and any edits. 

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  1. After providing the requested responses to all inquiries on the invoice, click the  button to complete your follow-up to the Reviewer. 

  1. In the invoice will automatically return to a “For Approval” status. 

  1. Acuity will send an email to the Reviewer notifying them of your response(s). 

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