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Saved Searches

What are Saved Searches?

Saved Searches allow users to save the search parameters used on Invoices Searches, Matter Searches, and Analytics Data Downloads. This can be used to save time on reports you frequently run on your data.

For instructions on saving Matter or Invoice searches, see: Saved Searches (Invoice/Matter)

Analytics Saved Searches

Under Analytics: Data Download, you can choose to save reports that you build and will need to re-run in the future.

After setting your filters and available data field results, select “Search”. A preview of the selected data fields will display. Before selecting “Initiate Download”, if you would like to save the parameters to run the report again at a later time, you will select the “Save Search” option. Note, the save search button will appear after you have searched for the selected parameters.


A window will pop up, asking you to enter a name for your saved report. Enter a name, then save.

To run a saved Data Download search, select the “Run Saved Search” button at the top of the Refine Data Download screen.


A window of your saved searches will open. You can click on the link, in green text, of the saved search you would like to apply. Clicking this will populate the search window with the saved parameters.


Note: for Invoice Reports, you will likely need to update the date parameters after applying the saved search parameters in order to pull more recent data.

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