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Accessibility Functionality for TAP

There are the five Accessibility Items:

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Tabbing through fields
  3. Screen Reading using NVDA
  4. Visibility (Color)
  5. Hover Text (ToolTips)

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Screen functions are able to be initiated via keyboard
    • context menus
    • action menus
    • modals
  • All elements initiating an action (e.g. Buttons but typically not entry fields) have an assigned shortcut or are specifically excluded
  • When the shortcut is entered, the page performs the button's action in the same manner as clicking the button itself
    • regardless of which element is currently in focus

Tabbing Through Fields (Focus Tracking)

  • All user elements required to operate the page are in the tab order
  • Page structural elements are in the tab order
  • Sequence proceeds generally top to bottom and left to right
  • Hidden items are skipped
  • Page relocates (scrolls) to display element if necessary
  • Informational elements are included in tab order if selecting them changes their display
  • Focus is clearly visible on every element

Visibility (Color)

  • All screen elements are visible via contrast alone

Hover Text (Tool Tips)

  • Font size is adequately large
  • Contrast is clear

Screen Reading via NVDA

All visual elements are identified verbally

  • by mouseover
  • by tab (focus)
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