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Our Staff

View all staff members and add new.

Select Our Staff from the People tab in the Left Navigation Bar to view all individuals that have been added to Lawtrac as members of your staff.

People: Our Staff

At the top right corner of the page, use the alphabet buttons to filter your staff list by the first letter of their surname, or click All to view all employees.

Click the "Released" checkbox to view only individuals who have been released from a matter record.

Our Staff List

Use the following icons to navigate or make changes to staff profiles:

  • envelope icon oc—Send the individual an email. The individual must have their email address populated in their personnel record. Clicking this icon launches your primary email application and the message is sent through that channels.
  • pencil paper icon oc—Send the individual an internal note (this note can only be viewed by logging in to Lawtrac).
  • pencil icon oc—Edit the individual's profile.
  • papers icon oc—View the individual's profile. The profile page displays additional contact information, comments entered by the site administrator, and a list of open matter associations. Use this link to obtain key personnel mailing addresses and fax numbers when those fields have been populated within their personal profiles.
  • key icon oc—View or change an individual's permissions and security settings.

Note: Depending on your role that the site administrator has granted, some options may not be applicable.


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