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Adding a Party-Entity

Here's how to add a Party-Entity within a matter record.

To add a party or entity, select the Parties tab within a matter record.

Add a Party/Entity

  1. Search for a party/entity by the start of their name, the end of their name, or a text that the name contains by selecting an option from the drop-down list.
  2. Type the search criteria into the text box, then click Go. Single letter searches are acceptable.
  3. When the search results are listed, click the magnifying glass icon oc icon to view the party's detail and make a new matter relationship. If there is an red x oc icon in place of magnifying glass icon oc, that party is already associated with the matter.
    Confirm New Matter Relationship

Optionally, identify the new party's relationship with the matter by making a selection from the drop-down menu.

Add the party/entity by clicking Save.

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