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Firm Structure Webinar #2 Recording and Q&A

This page contains the recording of the Firm Structure Webinar as well as a detailed list of all questions and answers that were addressed during the session.

Tip! Watch the webinar at 1.25 or 1.5 playback speed. You can find this option in the video settings (gear image in lower right hand corner). You will not lose video quality or miss subject matter content and it will cut your time investment down!


Webinar #2 “New Firm Structure” Questions & Answers

Question 1: Can you designate which email belongs to which office?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to dictate the email(s) that should be assigned to specific offices.


Question 2: What changes need to occur on the teamconnect setup to make this happen?

Answer: The firm offices will be authorized in TeamConnect as they have been in the past however, this effort will happen separately from what we are asking you to do today.


Question 3: Will we be able to assign different tax id numbers to different offices?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to dictate which tax id should be assigned to specific offices. Please NOTE: the “parent” firm will have one assigned tax id while “child” offices can be assigned different tax ids.


Question 4: Can multiple offices have the same tax ids?

Answer: At the child office level, offices can share the same tax id. The “parent'' office will need to have their own designated and unique tax id.


Question 5: My office only has one client, can that be set as the standard client for my login or will I have to select each time I log in?

Answer: The system does not make you choose a client when you log in. However, because that is your only client it will be the only option available to you in the event that you do need to select a client from a drop-down menu.


Question 6: Are the multiple logins going to be closed and narrowed down to one per person?

Answer: Your firm will decide what email logins will remain and which ones will be closed by disabling any unnecessary logins. Collaborati support and your firm’s billing admin can work through this process with you.


Question 7: With multiple sign ons for each office now, what will be the sign on for the new structure for each user?

Answer: In the future, you will have one login and you will be able to access all offices under one login.


Question 8: Will it be possible to add multiple rate currencies for one timekeeper within one office? We will be billing in two different currencies. Can each tomekeeper have rates in 2 currencies?

Answer: Timekeepers aren’t set up to bill in multiple currencies within the same office. They are set up to bill in the Firm Office's currency, but there are some options that allow admins to change settings in order to allow a Timekeeper to bill in more than one currency from the same Firm Office. Please make sure the client's billing guidelines also allow this use case as the invoice may be rejected based on the client's rules, not the features in Collaborati.


Question 9: Can multiple people be logged in under the Firm profile at one time?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to have multiple people logged in under one firm profile at one time.


Question 10: Apart from the signing in, we prefer having separate profiles for each office. Can we retain our existing set up (and if so, can we move to one profile set up later on)

Answer: Yes, it will be possible to move to this profile set up later on, however, at that point doing so will become a support project with your firm to be completed based on the resources the service team has available. Additionally, we suggest that you check with your clients to discuss their intentions to leverage this functionality. There will be future functionality released that will be built upon this foundational structure so it is our recommendation that you take advantage of this planned automation in July.


Question 11: Will you issue a document to Firm Admins with steps of what needs to happen in Collaborati?

Answer: Yes, we will continue to make resources available to firms in the Client Success Center throughout the duration of this project.


Question 12: How will banking instructions be linked between TeamConnect and Collaborati for multiple offices?

Answer: Currently, some of our TeamConnect clients do require their firm offices to add banking info on their profile. In the future, the bank account info will still be available on the office profile and will be able to be shared with clients much like it is done today.


Question 13: May we have different banking information on each office?

Answer: Yes, each office profile can have its own banking information.


Question 14: Will clients see our available firm profiles when they are setting up matters in Team Connect?

Answer: Yes, the view in TeamConnect is not really changing and when clients assign a matter to a firm, it will be assigned at the office level. In Collaborati, you will see all assigned matters by office.


Please submit your firm’s survey responses by close of business June 12th.

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