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Enhancement Feature Details & User Benefits

This document provides a summary of the feature details and user benefits associated with the new firm structure in Collaborati.


Mitratech’s Multi-Currencies project team and Collaborati Support will be working with multi-office firms in order to walk you through two necessary organizational steps within Collaborati.  These two steps will prepare your firm to fully leverage some of Collaborati’s planned features to roll out in late 2020/early 2021.  


What are the two necessary steps?

 Step 1: New Firm Structure 

 Step 2: TimeKeeper Merge


Where are we now? Step 1: New Firm Structure.


What are the benefits for me and my firm? 

  1. Ability for your firm to bill in multiple currencies.

  2. Allows firms with multiple offices to be accessible under a single login.

  3. Ability to bill across multiple offices at multiple rate categories and currencies via your Collaborati profile.

Questions?  Please see all Step 1: New Firm Structure resources here within the Client Success Center.


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