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Single Office Firms - New Firm Structure FAQ

This document answers frequently asked questions regarding single office firms and how they will be impacted by the new firm structure.

This guide answers some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the new firm account structure. 

    What is happening?

    All Vendors in Collaborati will be moving to the new “Firm Structure” beginning in April 2020. All existing Vendor profiles will be updated to a parent-child structure, the parent being the Firm Account and the child being the Vendor Profile in Collaborati (now referred to as Office profiles).


    Why is this happening?

    Many Firms bill from multiple offices, and this often requires the Firm to setup multiple Vendor accounts to accommodate. Mitratech strives to improve eBilling between Firms and Business by providing a more efficient and simplified invoicing process across multiple Firm offices.  This will also enable further eBilling enhancements in areas like Timekeeper billing in multiple currencies.


    What are the benefits of this change?

    • Unified log-in

      • After the transition, law Firms/vendors will have a restructured profile that will include one Firm Account (parent) linked to one or multiple Office Profiles (child). Law Firms/vendors will only need to log into the new Firm Account (parent) to access the information across all office profiles. 

      • Additionally, processes like office onboarding (adding multiple office profiles) and timekeeper submission will be simplified.  

    • Firm Timekeeper Profile

      • A Firm can begin to track timekeeper information at the Firm account level and bill across multiple offices to multiple clients, but with a single timekeeper profile. The timekeeper profile will still be able to meet each client’s preferences. 


    What do I need to do?

    You will receive further communication from Mitratech in the form of email correspondence, webinar invitations, and notifications in Collaborati. These are the next steps:

    • Respond to requests from Mitratech and confirm your list of Vendor Profiles in Collaborati, and any locations that should be merged into the Firm Profile. 

    • Confirm additional Firm Profile information, like your Fiscal Year Start Date. Identify any Vendor Profiles that should not be merged because you do not want to see information from other Vendor Profiles

    • Once all information is confirmed, Vendor Profiles will be merged into a Firm Profile (parent) and transitioned to Office Profiles (child).


    How do I know if this will impact me?

    • If your Firm does not have multiple Collaborati Vendor Accounts or your Firm only has one physical office location, this transition will have minimal impact on you.
    • If you aren’t sure, please read all relevant information here and you will receive correspondence from Mitratech to help guide you through this transition.
    • If your Firm has multiple Collaborati Vendor profiles or bills from multiple office locations, this transition will benefit you and have an impact on you. Mitratech will work with you to confirm and explain the details around this change. 


    Will this impact my data?

    No, this change will not impact the information you currently have in the system. Mitratech will work with each Firm that has multiple logins/locations to ensure the correct Vendor/Office profiles are being moved into the Firm Profile. 


    Will our Collaborati Users be able to see data for other Offices in our Firm?

    Yes. All existing admins will be moved to Firm admin permissions. Firm admins will be able to access data for all offices under the Firm profile.  All non-admin users will have the same security rights but have access to the data for all offices in that Firm account. 

    If an office or user should not have access to eBilling data in other Firm offices then there is an option to set up a single-office firm separate from the rest of the Firm Offices, or the user can be deactivated. 


    Will this impact my ability to bill?

    This will not prevent you from invoicing or your daily work in the Collaborati eBilling system. However, please know that during this transition, there may be brief windows of time where you will not be able to access the system because system updates are happening. This will be communicated in advance. 


    Who should I contact with questions?

    You can reach out to the Collaborati Support team by following this link:


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