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AP Export


After completing this how-to you will have ...

First Step

1.Login to TeamConnect with the user in AP Admin group

2. Navigate to Setup->Object Definitions->Invoice->Search Views and create a new Search View with:

- General Tab

View Name = AP Search Unique Key = APSE

Used for = Object Collection

Set to Auto Search

- Filter Display Tab

--Search Qualifier 1

---Label = Ready Field = Custom->Invoice->ReadyToSendToAPIN

---Condition = YES

--Search Qualifier 2

---Label = Sent Field = Custom->Invoice->SentToAPDateIN

---Condition = Has No Value

- Results Display Tab

--Column Name = Invoice

--Display Key = System->Object link

Save & Close

Second Step

1. Close Setup

2. Navigate to Finance->Invoices

3. Click the Manage link above the list of searches

4. Click the Subscribe to Invoice Collection link

5. Check the AP Search checkbox

6. Click Subscribe

7. Click Update

8. Click the Back to Invoices link

(The AP search view is now in the list of available searches)


Third Step

1. Navigate to All->AP Settings->Output

2. Click Edit

3. Output Interface Type = File

4. Output File Location = Local

5. Directory = (Example: C:\AP Testing)

6. File Name = APDemo

7. File Extension = csv

8. File Format = Delimited Text File

9. Delimiter = Comma

10. Row Delimiter = Carriage return-line feed combination

11. Date Field Format = yyyy-MM-dd

12. Set File Contains Header Row

13. Invoices Search View = AP Search

14. Sent to AP Date = Sent to AP

15. TC Field = Line Item->System Fields->Invoice->System Fields->Net Invoice Total

16. Output Field Name = Total

17. Order=3 Length=15

18. Click the small Save button to add the Output field


Fourth Step

1. Click Input

2. Input Interface Type = File

3. Incoming File Location = Local

4. Directory = File Name Contains APDemo

5. File Extension = csv

6. File Format = Delimited Text File

7. Delimiter = Comma

8. Row Delimiter = Carriage return-line feed Combination

9. Date Field Format = yyyy-MM-dd

10. Set File Contains Header Row

11. Upon Success = Rename File in Current Directory

12. Add an Input Field to match the Output field you added, but don't set the TC Field Click Save & View

13. Click Save & View

14. Click Output

15. Click "Run Now"

16. Open Directory entered in Location for Output File

17. Open the file created

(A file with the expected name should exist in the expected directory and all expected invoices should be in the file)

18. Click Input

19. Click "Run Now"

20. Open Directory entered in Location for Input File

(File should be renamed)

21. Navigate to Invoice Details block of all Invoices sent to Output File

(Sent to AP should have expected value for all records)

What's Next

This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this how-to.

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