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Mapping Viewabill Matters to eCounsel Matters

After a connection between eCounsel and Viewabill has been authorized, the firm needs to map Viewabill matters to eCounsel matters and share the matters with the client in order for the client to view the matter data through eCounsel. Clients can only see data from matters that have been mapped and shared with them. Only firm users are able to change the Client Matter Number in Viewabill.

To assign the eCounsel Matter ID to the matter in Viewabill:

  1. On the Matters page, enter the eCounsel Matter ID in the Client Matter Number column for the particular matter.
  2. Click Save.


  1. On the Matter Detail page for the matter, click the gear icon next to the matter name and click Edit.
  2. Edit the client matter number and click Save.
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