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Connecting eCounsel and Viewabill

In order to view Viewabill data in eCounsel, a connection between eCounsel and Viewabill must be established.

To establish a connection between eCounsel and Viewabill:

  1. In eCounsel, access the Viewabill tab on either the Matters tab or your home page, depending on your configuration.
  2. Click the Initiate Connection with Viewabill button that appears if an eCounsel/Viewabill connection has not been made. (If the applications are already connected, Viewabill data is displayed.) eCounsel sends a request for authorization to Viewabill.
  3. When prompted, log into Viewabill.
  4. When prompted to connect with eCounsel, click the Yes, Let's Connect button. Viewabill now appears on the Viewabill tab.

No Viewabill data will be populated unless the firm maps Viewabill matters to eCounsel matters and shares the matters with the client user. Clients can only see data from matters that have been mapped and shared with them.

To remove the connection between eCounsel and Viewabill:

  1. In Viewabill, open the Settings page.
  2. Click Enterprise Legal Management Software.
  3. Click the Remove button for the eCounsel connection.
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