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Setting Fresh Data Thresholds

A fresh data threshold triggers a notification when your data is not current.

To add a Fresh Data Threshold:

  1. On the Notifications page, click the Fresh Data tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Add New Threshold icon next to the Fresh Data Thresholds area.
  3. Set the scope of the threshold:
    • Entry Alert – notify when an entry has not been provided that is dated within the last x number of days.
    • All Firms – select a particular firm or All Firms attached to that client account.
    • All Engagements – select a particular engagement or All Engagements pertaining to the firm selection.
    • All Matters – select a particular matter or All Matters pertaining to the firm and engagement selections.
    • Days – select the number of days a firm has to enter information for a matter. If the firm exceeds this number, then an alert notification is generated.
    • Synchronization Alert – Notify when a firm has not synced any data within the last x number of days.
      • Any Firm – select a particular firm or Any Firm attached to the client account.
      • Days – select the number of days that would trigger the alert.
  4. Click Save. The new fresh data threshold now appears in the Fresh Data Threshold area
  5. To delete the threshold, click the “x” in the row of the threshold to be deleted.
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