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Info Hub

Info Hub is available only to firm users with administrative privileges. Info Hub displays meaningful details about your firm’s Viewabill account and quick access to administrative tasks.

To access Info Hub, click the Navigation Toggle and select Info Hub from the navigation pane.

Info Hub includes the following sections:

  • The top section of Info Hub shows a quick glance of the number of engagements, matters, client users, rules, pending matters, and pending connections in your Viewabill account. Each box includes a link to see the full list of the respective data.
  • The Recently Connected section shows recently connected clients. To see all connections, click the See All link and you will be directed to the Connections page.
  • The Synchronization Graph illustrates the timing of your firm’s synchronization schedule with the Viewabill Connector. Here, you can see how often syncs are performed as well as any errors that might have occurred during the sync process. Click and drag on a section of the graph to zoom in on a specific time frame. Red dots represent syncs with errors; green dots represent syncs with no errors. Click See All to be taken to the Synchronization page.
  • The Notifications section is a list of important notifications in your Viewabill account such as synchronization errors and connection requests.
  • The Pending Matters section displays the last 5 matter IDs that have been added to your Viewabill account. These matter IDs remain pending until they are correctly matched during the synchronization process and do not appear on any of the other matter lists. Pending matters cannot be shared until they become active matters. Click See All to open the Pending Matters page. From this page, you can click the Edit icon in the Actions column to change the matter ID and billing partner, or you can delete the matter ID by clicking the Delete icon.
  • The Active Matter Count section displays:
    • Subscription - the number of matters allowed by the subscription plan.
    • Shared - the number of distinct matters being shared. For example, one matter shared with two clients only counts as one shared matter.
    • Available - the number allowed by the subscription plan minus the number of shared matters (unless the plan is for unlimited matters). If this number is zero or a negative number, no more matters can be shared unless they are already being shared with another client.
    • The Offer Feedback button opens a dialog box for providing feedback.

Note: Only administrators can perform these tasks.

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