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Viewing Conversations

The Inbox contains correspondence between the clients and firms, allowing you to see all conversations in one convenient place. Messages are grouped together by conversation. Clients can start a conversation by sending a question on an entry.

To view conversations from your Inbox:

  1. Click the Navigation Toggle and click Inbox from the navigation pane. The Inbox opens, with your unread messages appearing in bold.

  2. You can quickly filter your conversations by clicking the following categories:

    • All Conversations shows all conversations to which you have access.

    • My Conversations shows only conversations that you started or participated in.

    • Urgent Conversations shows conversations that the client has marked as urgent.

    • Archived Conversations shows conversations that have you have sent to the archive.

    • Favorites shows conversations that you have marked as a Favorite by clicking the star next to the subject line.

  3. To filter messages, click the search field and select your criteria using the faceted search. For example, if you want to view all conversations regarding a specific matter, click the search field, select Matters, and then select the specific matter.

  4. To sort the Inbox, click the column name (Subject, Firm, Who, Recent Activity) to sort conversations by that column.

You can also view all conversations for a specific matter from the Matters page or the Matters tab in Data Explorer. You can view conversations for a particular entry from the Entries list in the Data Explorer. The Conversation icons in these locations display a red circle with the number of unread messages for that matter.

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