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The Firms page contains a list of all of the firms in your Viewabill account.

  • To open the Firms page, click the Navigation Toggle and select Firms from the navigation pane.
  • To view more information about a firm, click the firm name to open the Firm Detail for the individual matter.
  • To search for a firm in the list, click the search field and type your search criteria.
  • To sort the list by field, click the column heading for that field. Clicking the same column heading again changes the sort order either from ascending to descending, or vice versa.

Administrators can quickly filter firms by clicking the following tabs:

  • All Firms shows all firms, including those who have been sent invitations.
  • Pending Sent Invitations shows firms that have been sent invitations to connect. On this tab, you can resend or withdraw an invitation to a firm.
  • Pending Received Invitations shows firms that have sent your company an invitation to connect as a client.
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