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Navigating Data Explorer

Whether you are working with thousands of matters or just a couple, understanding how to quickly find the information you need combats potential confusion associated with data overload.

The Scope bar at the top of Data Explorer allows you to adjust the scope and/or date range of the information displayed on the page. By default, the initial scope includes all firms for which you have access.

To change the scope of information on the Data Explorer:

  1. To narrow the scope to a particular firm, engagement, matter, timekeeper, tag, or combination thereof, click the search field, select the filter (Firm, Engagement, Matter, etc.), and then select the specific value from the list. To remove one of these filters, click the x that appears before the filter in the search box. To remove all of these filters, click the x on the right-hand side of the search field.

  2. To narrow the scope by category, click the Category field and select the checkboxes for the categories you want to include.

  3. To narrow the scope by Entry Status, click the Entry status field (between the Category field and the date range selector) and select All, Work in Progress, Finalized, or Billed. The default value for this field is All.

  4. To narrow the date range, specify MTD (month-to-date) or the past 7, 30, or 90 days, or configure a custom date range using the calendar popup. A custom date range cannot exceed 90 days.

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