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Viewabill promotes collaboration between corporate legal departments and their outside counsel by providing the ability to see matter time entries in near real time.

For clients, Viewabill provides the ability to see matter time entries in near real time before an invoice is ever submitted. The organic improvement in billing practices results in  legal spend savings and reduces disputes on matters shared through Viewabill. This coordination and visibility makes it easier for everyone to stay informed during the billing cycle, increases the accuracy and predictability of budgets and legal spend forecasts, and provides more comprehensive legal spend management.

For firms, Viewabill allows law firms to add a differentiating level of transparency to work in progress that enhances collaboration with inside counsel. By sharing work in progress on selected matters, firms increase the ability to track, understand, and adjust entries in real time to improve accuracy and avoid disputes after the invoice is sent. This mutual insight fosters strong, long-lasting relationships between legal departments and your law firm, which in turn strengthens your firm’s rating with your clients. Importantly, this relationship and real time insight decreases the amount of time it takes for your firm to get paid and can increase your realization rates.


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