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Integrations: Rehire Workflow


If a new I-9 is triggered for an existing employee in Tracker I-9 through an integration with a different start date, it will term the existing I-9 and create a new I-9.

This rehire workflow occurs commonly for the iCIMS integration, but may also occur for other integrations.


See the below screenshot for an example of how this rehire workflow appears in the system.


To begin, there is an existing I-9 that was created by the integration. In the above example, this I-9 was created on 12/29/2020 with a start date of 12/29/2020.

Then, a new I-9 was triggered for the rehire workflow with a new start date of 9/14/2021 for the same employee. If the employee has the same integration ID (or iCIMS candidate ID for the iCIMS integration) and a different start date, then it will update the next action of the existing I-9 to Purge. It will also create the new I-9 on the same employee profile.

If the new start date is the same as the start date on the existing active I-9, an error message will return that the I-9 has already been created.

Next Steps

After the new I-9 is created during this rehire workflow, the I-9 can completed as it would be normally.

If the new I-9 was triggered in error, a user may manually delete the new I-9 created and remove the termination status from the termed I-9.

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