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TeamConnect Ideas Portal FAQs


The Ideas Portal is used by the TeamConnect Product Management Team to engage with our clients in two ways:

  1. We publish the details of features we are currently developing so that users have transparency into what features will be released near-term (3-6 months).  Features marked with "ROADMAP" at the front are published by Product Management.
  2. Collection of client ideas to be considered in future releases of TeamConnect.  We believe that engagement and collaboration with our users is the best way to build value and encourage upgrades.

How do I access the Idea Portal?

The Idea Portal is available from the TeamConnect Community page (shown below) or by following the URL

Each client's email domain will be "white listed" on the idea portal so that users may self-register using the "Sign Up" link if they do not yet have an account.  If you are unable to self-register, please contact Mitratech Support for assistance.


How often does Mitratech evaluate the pool of ideas?

The pool of Ideas is evaluated continuously. Our Product Management team review each Idea personally and try to respond within days, with a 2-week SLA. They may suggest other ways to achieve the same goal or they may add weight to the Idea by fleshing it out a little, asking questions around the use-case if it’s not quite clear and they may also vote on the Idea themselves.

What do the different idea statuses mean?


How does the voting work?

The TeamConnect Product Management team uses voting and commenting on ideas to help us understand the impact of ideas across multiple clients and therefore prioritize ideas for consideration in future releases.  Please note - ideas are evaluated based on many different factors. Not all ideas receiving high numbers of votes may ultimately be selected for future projects.

To vote (or unvote) an Idea, click on the icon as shown below.  Users are limited to 5 active votes in order to encourage prioritization of ideas that will have the biggest impact.  Once ideas are added to a roadmap project, those votes will be released and can be applied to other ideas.


How do ideas get added to the product roadmap?

Our roadmaps are under continuous review to make sure that our resources are focused on the features that will deliver the greatest value for our customers and also to expand our products to make sure they are the best on the market. There are several criteria that we apply when including Ideas into the roadmap:

  1. The number of votes (including unique votes)
  2. How much customer value an Idea will deliver
  3. How closely aligned an Idea is to our current roadmap
  4. How much time and resources an Idea will take to build

If an Idea would take a long time to build (3 – 6 months) then it would need to be able to stand on its own as a roadmap item and be prioritized accordingly. For medium size Ideas (1 – 3 months), they would need to very closely align with a planned roadmap item or be able to stand on their own as a roadmap item. For smaller Ideas (less than 1 month), if they offer a lot of value or are quick to build, then they will be added as and when there is capacity within a release. In cases where there are a lot of Ideas in the same area, these will often be rolled up into a larger roadmap item and prioritized accordingly.

What is the release cycle for implementing new features?

Our product team always endeavors to include as many Ideas in a release as possible and we aim to do 2 feature releases per year.  We commit to include at least 10-12 client-submitted ideas per year.

What does archiving an idea mean?

As much as we would like to do everything our clients ask for, we always have more suggestions than we can possibly accomplish each year.  Therefore, in the last quarter of the year we review the idea portal and archive items that:

  • received no votes or are not relevant for the majority of clients
  • are older than two years
  • we cannot do for technical reasons

Can I resubmit an idea that's been archived?

Yes!  If you receive notice that your idea was archived for aging out and/or receiving no votes, you are welcome to resubmit it again.  PRO TIP:  if other customers are not voting for your idea, try changing the title and the description to really focus on the value of what your idea can provide to them.

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