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On-Premise TeamConnect Elasticsearch Installation

On-Premise TeamConnect ElasticSearch Installation

Here are all the details we have regarding the Elasticsearch applicable version, where to get the software, and how to configure ES and TeamConnect.

The installation guide for TCE goes over the Elasticsearch installation in section 1.2.4. However, we recommend using the client success portal link as it goes into more detail. The article below is public so you should not need a login to view it.

Please read the Client Success guide carefully as it details the most important configurations. Namely, setting up (so TeamConnect will be able to find ES server). It will also go over some additional properties you need to add such as transport.tcp.port: xxxx and node.master: true and properties you need to uncomment such as "bootstrap.memory_lock: true"

Additional Notes on Elasticsearch.

1. After all installation, set permission in the TeamConnect UI for the system admin group to have access to the Global Search index tool.

2. Note the size of your TC database. You will need 1.5 times this amount for ES indexing.

3. Heap size by default should be 2 GB to use elastic search daily. Heap needs to be increased on the server performing elastic search indexing to 4 or 6 gb depending on the amount of data to index. After indexing, heap can be reduced back to 2 GB for daily searching.

4. There is a 1,000 field limit per object for Elastic Search. If you exceed this field limit, you can choose to exclude certain fields from indexing on the Custom Fields tab of each object by choosing YES under “Exclude from Global Search.” We recommend excluding Date/time, checkbox and yes/no fields.

5. In the file the property “elasticsearch.server.location” should be set to “elasticsearch.server.location=<hostname>:9300”.

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