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March 2017- 4.2 Notification Template Designer

Webinar in which users will learn to create meaningful messages, highlight important information through more detailed and aesthetically pleasing Rich Text formatting, and add hyperlinks to back to TeamConnect.

Notification templates can be used to replace the standard, system generated messages and they can be used as actions on rules. 


Notification Templates may replace the following system default messages:


The notifications above apply at the Global level.  While there is the ability to replace system messages at the more specifically at the object level. Object level settings will override system level/global settings.

Notifications can be sent to the following recipient types:

  • Path  
  • Group
  • Address Book
  • Contact Object Collection
  • Static Email String

Another advantage of using Notifications is the ability to track the history of the emails that were sent through History.

Record History of Email through Rule Configuration

  • Object Narrative
  • Object History in Setup
  • System History



Resize text boxes TC3.PNG
Persistent URL vs .contact vs tc4.png
All Projects vs. All Objects – When replacing notifications globally, the templates to be used must be defined for All Projects or All Objects. A template defined for All Projects would be compatible with any custom object and can be used with the assignee notification. A template defined for All Objects would be compatible with any object, including both system and custom objects, and can be used with the four workflow notifications tc5.PNG


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