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Questions and answers from the "TeamConnect Search Views and Global Search" Webinar hosted by the Mitratech Client Success Team

Will the search and mass update tool work with custom searches?

Yes, this tool will work with custom searches, as well as, users’ saved custom searches.

If I use the “Manage” link and remove an object collection from my views, will it disappear for all users?

No, these object collections will only disappear for the specific user that removed the search view.

Can I hide filters in search views?

Yes, search views may have invisible filters in which admin may configure in the setup screen.


Can we continue to use the old global search upon upgrading to 4.1?

The global search available in versions prior to 4.2 is no longer available in 4.1 or later versions of TeamConnect.

Do I need to purchase the search server with my 4.1 upgrade?

No, the search server is not an additional charge.

Can existing search views be made into global search views?

Yes. If a search is defined for a global search it will not be able to defined as any other search type. For this reason copy of the existing search and define the copy a global search view.