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TeamConnect Upgrades

TeamConnect Enterprise Upgrades

The following page details the upgrade of TeamConnect and its related modules for users on TeamConnect 3.4 or later. The information on this page is designed to ensure that all upgrades are completed in the correct order and all orphaned versions are avoided.

TeamConnect Supported Upgrades - 6.2.png

For information on upgrading modules along their respective paths (e.g., CSM to CSM) as well as how module paths align with Enterprise paths, see the Module Upgrade Guide available here:

The table below details special configurations to note when completing an upgrade:

  TeamConnect 5.0 TeamConnect 5.0.1 TeamConnect 5.0.2 TeamConnect 5.0.3 TeamConnect 5.1 TeamConnect 5.2
Data Warehouse Data Warehouse 5.0 Data Warehouse 5.0

Data Warehouse 5.1.1
Data Warehouse 5.0

Data Warehouse 5.1.1
Data Warehouse 5.0.1

Data Warehouse 5.1.1
Data Warehouse 5.1.1 Data Warehouse 5.1.1



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