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How do I collect logs for my support ticket?

The Support Engineer assigned to your case may ask you to collect application logs to further troubleshoot the cause of an error. Below are the steps you’ll follow to collect those. Note, because the logs collect the system output for all users currently using the application, it's important to do all of these steps at once to avoid collecting an unnecessarily large log file.

1. Navigate to your instance’s Admin tab.

2. Expand the Logging tab, and click System.

3. For default logs, check that each drop-down menu is set to Error.


4. At the bottom of the page, in the ‘System Appenders’ block, you will see a group of logs. Click the clear link next to the ‘Default’ log. Not doing this can result in a very large log file, which will may make it more difficult to send and for your Support Engineer to diagnose the issue.


5. At this time, perform the action which originally triggered the error. The logger will record the system output.

6. Return to the Logging page and click View Log next to the Default log. This will open the log file in a new tab. Right click and Save As to download the .txt file, which you can then attach to your case for further troubleshooting.


Note: Your Support Engineer may ask for specific logs to be set for output other than 'Error' (for example, 'SQL to Debug'). If this is the case, make sure all the other selections on the page are set to 'Error' and change the drop-down menu on the specific log to the one(s) identified. Once you've collected the log file, you should return to the logging screen and re-set each log to 'Error.'

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