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Locating Object Attribute Names

As you construct tags in your document template, you will identify items using the select tag attribute. The name of the item that you identify in a tag directly corresponds to the object attributes in the TeamConnect Object Model. Each object's attributes are listed in Object Model: Read This First and in the additional tables it points to.

When you identify an object attribute in a tag attribute, you must type the name of the object attribute correctly in the tag. For example, the first letter of the object attribute must be upper case when you type the object attribute name in a document template tag.

The following procedure will help you find and type the object attribute names correctly as you construct tags in your document template.

To find the correct object attribute for a tag

  1. Open an online version of this document in Adobe Acrobat®.
  2. In the Contents pane on the left, find Object Model: Read This First. Additional related collections of reference tables follow this entry.
  3. Press the V key on your keyboard to turn on Acrobat's Select Text Tool, or click the Select Text Tool icon image on the toolbar.
  4. In the Bookmarks pane on the left, find and click the name of the table for the current object you are working with. For example, if the latest tag in your document template is pointing to a project record, go to the TProject table.
  5. In the object table, find the attribute you need.

    Tip: Read the Comments, Field in User Interface, and other columns to help identify the correct object attribute.
  6. Double-click the name of the attribute in the TeamConnect Attribute column to select it.
  7. Open your document template and place your cursor where you want to include a reference to an object attribute in a tag.
  8. Use the Paste Special command to paste the name of the object attribute as Unformatted Text.
  9. Change the first letter of the object attribute to upper case.

    Important: The Document Generator will not recognize the tag attribute value unless it is capitalized.
  10. If the object attribute has an arrow after it, delete the arrow or whatever character gets pasted in place of the arrow.
  11. Delete any extra spaces before or after the attribute name.
  12. Finish the tag as needed.
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