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Custom and System Views

Each object definition in TeamConnect has its own system fields organized into system blocks and system views. By default, system views display generic information to all user groups--unless you create and assign custom views.

The following table outlines the major differences between custom and system views in object definitions.

System vs. Custom Views

Custom views

System views

You define your own object views.

You accept the predefined object views.

The page layout is alterable. For example, you can reposition pages or blocks.

The page layout is fixed.

You may use custom fields with the organization-specific information to create blocks.

Do not use custom fields with the organization- specific information to create blocks.

You may restrict access to your custom information by creating different object views for different groups using different blocks.

You may restrict access to your custom information only by category, through assigning different rights. Otherwise, all users see the same blocks.

While system views may meet your organization's needs for certain system objects, such as Appointment or Contact, you probably need to create custom views for custom objects.

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