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Defining Wizard Page Transition Rules

This guide provides an overview of Defining Wizard Page Transition Rules.

To define a page transition rule in a wizard

  1. Click the Page Transitions tab in the wizard.
  2. Click new to open a new rule screen.
  3. In the General tab, enter a description that clearly identifies the rule.
  4. Click the Action tab and select the page to which the wizard takes the user if the qualifiers are met and click Save.
    Wizard Page Transition rules do not have automated actions, and their actions only indicate to which page in the wizard to go next, when the qualifiers are met.
  5. Click the Qualifiers tab and make the appropriate selections as explained in Setting Automated Qualifiers.
  6. Click Save and Close.
    The rule becomes available in the Rule drop-down list in the Page Transitions tab of the wizard:
    By default, all Wizard Page Transition rules are active. However, they do not take effect until you add them to a wizard page.
  7. Select the rule you have defined and enter the order in which it must be triggered when the user clicks next on the wizard page.
  8. In the Current Page drop-down list, select the page whose transition must trigger the rule and click add more or save the wizard.
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