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Java Samples

This reference section provides examples of automated qualifiers, automated actions, and searching samples written in Java. If desired, you can copy these samples and use them as models or starting points for your own custom code.

The concepts that are demonstrated in these samples are introduced in The TeamConnect APIAutomated Qualifiers and Actions, and Searching for Records.

Sample Values 

Each complete sample includes a description and a table listing all of the example values in the sample. The values in each sample are intended to demonstrate the kind of values needed, such as unique codes of object definitions, full tree positions of categories, and custom field names.

System User In These Samples 

Many of the following code samples switch to the system user to enable the code to be executed regardless of the current user's rights.

However, you must determine whether switching to the system user is necessary in your own code based on the requirements for your custom code and your custom TeamConnect design. For more details about the system user, see Running Code as the System User.

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