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API Policy

This API Policy applies when a Client licenses or upgrades to TeamConnect version 4.0 or later. For the purposes of this API Policy, Partners are service providers who successfully complete Mitratech’s Partner Certification Program and have signed a partner agreement with Mitratech.

TeamConnect API Policy 

Mitratech acknowledges some Clients may engage a third party service provider to perform professional services on Client’s behalf; a third party service provider’s violation of this API Policy is deemed a violation by Client of this API Policy. Any development performed by Mitratech’s Professional Services team will be deemed compliant with this API Policy. The use of the TeamConnect API layer by Mitratech’s Clients is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Permitted Use 

Interaction with Mitratech products via the API layer is subject to Mitratech licensing rules and agreements. Client acknowledges the API layer contains checkpoints which allow Mitratech to monitor usage of the API layer. Client (including any end users allowed by Client) shall not circumvent the API layer to directly interact with Mitratech products, databases or other components. The end users, whether a named user, limited privilege user, or any other user, of any application accessing the Mitratech API constitute end users of Mitratech products.

Client shall not market or sell an Application that utilizes the API layer without prior written consent of Mitratech and paying the applicable licensing fees, if any.

Policy Violation 

If, absent prior written consent of Mitratech obtained via Mitratech’s standard consent procedures, Client circumvents the API layer to directly interact with Mitratech products, databases or other components, Client has violated this API Policy. Even if Mitratech consents to the circumvention of the API layer by Client, Client understands the circumventing product will not be warranted or supported by Mitratech, but keeping Mitratech apprised of the situation will help Mitratech better advise Client on future development and upgrades.

Consequences of Violation 

Client acknowledges circumvention of the API layer could make future upgrades impractical or cost prohibitive, and Client assumes this risk. In addition, Client understands Mitratech does not support or warrant the specific circumventing development.

If Client uses a third party service provider, whether or not a Partner, to work on or make any product, database, or component that integrates with TeamConnect, then Client holds Mitratech harmless from any violation of this API policy by the service provider. If Client markets or sells an Application that utilizes the API layer without obtaining Mitratech’s prior written consent and paying the applicable licensing fees, if any, Client may be liable for the unpaid license fees and subject to injunction or any other remedies allowed under the license agreement with Mitratech.

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